Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mummy Legs

Saturday, May 22

Hello. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be wrapped up like a mummy? Being slightly claustrophobic, I never had the desire to find out. But after a doctor’s visit, I got the impression I definitely do not care for being wrapped up like a mummy.

My problem is edema in my legs, or swelling in my legs due to water retention. To push the water out, the doctor wrapped my legs. The first layer was a soft cotton type material. Then came the Ace bandage second layer. I do not remember what the third layer was but a Coban wrap became the fourth and final layer. Each layer was wrapped tighter than the previous one.

At first, the compression wrap around my legs just felt tight. As the day went on, my legs got warmer and warmer. I had to put a fan directly on my legs to cool them down. Then came the muscle cramps. That turned out to be a lot of fun.

I eventually got the cramps under control, but the itching drove me crazy last night. I finally got relief by pressing my fingers against the areas that itched.

The one aspect that I am not looking forward to is the no bath or shower for the next week. The doctor told me I am not allowed to get the wraps wet. I guess I will keep clean by giving myself a so-called sponge bath but that does not cover my feet since they are partially wrapped as well.

I am able to get my shoes. This is handy because my feet feel so much better when walking across a concrete parking lot with them on. Needless to say that in my adult years, I allowed myself to become tenderfooted (if there is such a term).

With the doctor encouraging me to continue walking, this means my feet aren’t going to be very fresh next week. In other words, my feet may be declared either a biological weapon or chemical weapon by the time I get back to the doctor’s office.

Next week, I am to have these cut off and replaced with a pair of compression socks. Until then, I will be a partial mummy for the next six days including today. Oh, what fun. Just don’t mention the word itch - the new four-letter word in my vocabulary.

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