Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 2010 Goals

Sunday, May 9

It looks as if I did not make my goals for April the way I wanted. I did work on some of them but have not gotten through them in the way I wanted. I plan to keep some of them for this month’s goals.

Since I finished plotting out my current sci-fi novel scenes, I will continue building my first draft of my novel. That will be my first goal for today.
1. Finish the first draft of my current sci-fi novel
2. Go through manuscript for questions and make sure they are answered
3. Plan out and write five short stories
4. Read three books and write reviews for them
5. Determine three areas on my web page that needs adjusting and adjust them
6. Repair the floor to my closet and add shelves – have to clean out closet first
7. Clean up room – throw away unneeded material and store other material.
8. Repair floor in bathroom
9. Repair floor in my room.
10. Organize and catalog a file box filled with research material
11. Prepare my writing magazines (including RWR) for donation to Northwestern State University
12. Write four articles
* 1) Two on backups
* 2) One about index cards
* 3) One yet to be determined
Now this is my list of items I want to complete for this month. I am constantly working on my diet, exercise and health. So, that will be an ongoing goal for every month.

Will keep you updated on my progress. I also hope to keep up with my blogging duties. I am sorry for letting it slide over the last week and a half. One solution is that I plan to write my blog the day before. I also plan to dedicate a blog entry containing fictional news reports. This is mainly done as an exercise and for humor. I will try not to be mean spirited toward any living person but the fictional character may end up in a lot of trouble.

Until later – Clark Stone

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