Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catch Me If You Can - Not Me

Tuesday, May 11

A tail of sorts. One always sees things on the television news involving crime and police chases. Even though I do not want to be involved in one or to really observe one up close, I did get to witness part of a police chase this past weekend.

Boy did it trigger a flood of story ideas. Once a month, I get to go to my area RWA writers’ meeting. This past weekend was the weekend that Nola Stars met at the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center.

One the way home, I decided that I wanted to get a cup of coffee. Not having the funds to stop at Starbucks, which would have saved me a half mile trip, I stopped at a McDonald’s and got me a small cup of coffee.

Me, being one of those guys who likes a little coffee with his cream, pulled into a parking spot to empty the four packages of cream into my cup. As I did so, I heard sirens approaching. The first thought in my mind, “Uh oh, someone’s in trouble. As long as it was not me, it's okay.” I looked around anyway to make sure.

Then this black car shot past the entrance going down the road. It looked like a weird game of ‘follow the leader.’ As soon as he past, I saw at least 10 marked cars pass along with two unmarked ones. That is some game of ‘follow the leader.’ I sure do not want to be the leader when the police catch up to tag him/her.

Once they disappeared down the road, I thought that I would never hear about them again. To get home, I had to get back onto Interstate 49 south and travel 60 miles south to Natchitoches.

I got about 7 miles down the interstate when I saw this black car again. This time he was heading north on the interstate and he had 12 marked police cars and one unmarked one chasing after him/her.

At this time, I figured that this would probably end up on the 10:00 news that night. Sure enough, the second story on the channel I watch was about a man stealing a cash register from a Dollar General Store in Shreveport. A customer followed the car until the police caught up. Then the police chased him.

The report said that the Shreveport Police, Caddo and Desoto Parish Deputies got involved in the chase. As for the game of ‘follow the leader,’ the leader got tagged out just south of Shreveport when he drove into a bayou.

According to the news report, he attempted to escape by swimming into the bayou but that police dog the authorities sent in after him convinced him to surrender.

I got to witness part of a chase that appeared on the news. This spurred me into writing down several ideas that I might be able to use in one of my stories. When I will get to use it, I do not know.

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