Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Writer’s Wednesday - 2010-04-14

Wednesday, April 14

This week I want to take up reading. The main thing drilled into my mind at my monthly meetings over the years is the concept of reading the type of books one wished to write. Now to take it one step further, I believe that one should read all types of books to expand on one’s knowledge of writing. Good writing is good writing; it doesn’t matter what genre the book that one reads.

The same is true about bad writing. If one comes across a book that he/she does not like, then figure out what about the book you do not like and try to avoid that pitfall.

I like sci fi, mystery, and action adventure. I would write one of these genres. Then again, I would write a book that has several of these elements in it. That does not mean I limit myself from reading other books. I read romance, paranormal, comedic, and the like. My work will have elements of these in it as well. Some things transcend genre.

The book I am reading this week is a Silhouette Special Edition by Gina Wilkins titled Private Partners. Though I have not finished the book, I see the conflict and an air of mystery involved in this well written romance. Now, it is not a who-done-it, but it grabbed my attention and I am not willing to set it down.

After I finish the book, I plan to go through it again and see if I can pick out the elements that allowed it to capture my attention. This can be done with any book out there.

Also, this is the first book I picked up in almost four months. The one thing I relearned is that time flies when reading a good book. I compare it to getting into the zone when I write. Time flies then as well.

When I read a book, whether it is sci fi or not, I learn something new about my writing craft. Yes, I know that I can’t incorporate every nuance I discover in my first novel. That does not mean I can’t use it later in a different book.

Now, last week, I talked about recording my dreams and using them as a basis of a book. I had one earlier this week. Actually, I had several but I managed to capture one on my voice recorder. It isn’t really a gem but I think I can use it as a basis of a story. I am considering making it one of my short stories goals for this month.

I will work on it some this week. When I make up my mind, I will start posting the material later this week.

If I come across a different dream, I may post it as well. Now, there is nothing bad in the dream. Just afraid that if the authorities find out, they may reserve one of those rubber rooms for me somewhere. (Big Grin) As it is with most dreams, they usually do not have a logical order on how the scenes play out.

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