Sunday, April 11, 2010

Resolutions Progress Report - April

Sunday, April 11

Hello, it’s Sunday. I read a blog post this past week on New Year’s resolutions and began to think about mine. Somehow, I let them slip through the cracks. Sort of “Out of sight; Out of Mind.”

So, I looked it up. I also looked up what I wrote as my goals for this month. It seems that time is traveling so fast that I do not have enough month left to work on my goals.

First, I will cover my resolutions. Except for this past week, I have been fairly diligent in writing and uploading my blog posts. I am currently working on a schedule for my blog.

The second resolution is two-fold: to lose 50 pounds this year and to lose 15 pounds by March or April. It is April, and I am still working on the first part, but the second part has not come to fruition. I can still lose weight this month. I doubt that it will be 15 pounds. At least not unless I starve myself. (NOT)

As for the third resolution of riding 1,800 miles on my exercycle for 2010, I have gotten over 60 miles on it but forgot to write down the starting mileage. As of today, it reads 7650.0 miles. I am still aiming for this goal and maybe shoot past it. I am determined to ride it at least twice a day. That and stretching helps my legs the most.

As for the fourth resolution, I got a basic links page up on my web site. It is still a work in progress. I plan to do work on the web site this month.

As for resolutions five and six (performing the Kata warriors to music and writing on my Usscan’s Observation project), I have got to get back on them. I want to perform the Warriors Kata in September as a tribute to my system. As for my alien blog, I have put that one to one side so that I can finish my current novel.

Which brings me to my seventh and final resolution. This three-part goal is still in the works though I missed the first deadline of completing my novel by March 1. I hope to finish it this month. Then start working on my second novel as I edit and polish the first one.

So, that is how my resolutions fare as of today. Tomorrow, I will talk about how my April goals fare. (I just took a peek at them, and it does not look too good. BG)

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