Thursday, April 22, 2010

One of those Days

Thursday, April 22

Yesterday was one of those days. Every time I turned around, something else caught my attention. Before I knew it, time flew by. Someone needs to put the brakes on time and see about slowing it down.

I intended to write something yesterday for my blog but let time pass faster than anticipated. Since I did not put what I wanted up yesterday, I will do it today.

The following is the dream I promised to post on the Internet. Like I said, I hope I don’t get a visit from people wearing white coats talking about a rubber room. By the way, since this is a dream, do not expect it to make since in the form it was written. I am posting in the form which I put it down on paper.

Dream-20100412-0521 - The first recollection of the dream is that I was assisting someone repair an electronic sign outside a big business in a small strip mall. It was some type of cable store that sold cable electronics. I don't know why, but I was the one who is responsible for putting together the bill. While we were finishing up the repairs on the connections, I noticed that the selections on TV weren't as numerous as they should have been. When I looked over to a table to my left, I found a teenager working on a computer that looked out of place. Or it could have been a display unit. Something about him was not kosher.

I found out why he was triggering some type of alarm in my head when he looked around and put something in a backpack. It turns out that he came into the store to swap out components so he could upgrade his equipment without having to pay for it. He almost got away with it if it wasn't for the action of my group.

Then, the dream changes in that someone else and I were being forced to follow this 18-wheeler truck.

Somehow or another terrorists had targeted a luxury resort. Apparently, this resort had been a target before and it was a high security institution. They, the terrorist, kept close tabs on us everywhere we moved. But closer to the target we got, the more reckless they became. We were ordered to go into the facility and distracted guards.

When I approached the front door, I spotted the guards in the lobby. The lobby had two windows: one in front and one to the back. The two guards had high-power rifle and were looking in opposite directions. One facing the front was in a prone position and the one facing the rear was sitting. Both had their weapons ready so that they try to keep people from getting close enough to set off an explosion. Apparently there was a tower they didn't want destroyed. Why I do not know.

We were to distract the guards or our families would be in danger. As I was looking in at the guards, I noticed that they were yawning and slightly distracted already. I didn't care about my welfare, because if they set off an explosion, was would be dead anyway. As for their other threats, I was willing to take that chance. I yelled for them to get up and set off the alarm in order to alert the other guards on the other floors of this facility.

I don't know what happened but scene changed where I was inside assisting the guard as well as my companion in trying to keep the terrorists at bay. I think there were six of them, and I managed to pin them down next to a nearby building. Using the high-powered rifles with scope that the guards had, I managed to take out a couple of them.

One of them shot at me and it came close. The bullet hit the scope. The scope stopped the bullet but no longer was useful. After removing the scope, I continued to shoot the bad guys. Also, it was at this point that I realized I was dreaming and thought to myself “I need to write this down when I wake.” Also, since I knew I was dreaming, I also stopped the bullet from going through the scope by telling it to “stop.”

I don't know if I had accidentally set off the explosives or one of them set off the explosive after I shot, but there was one big explosion that took out the glass window in the front lobby. But the tower still remained. When the bomb went off, everything went into slow motion and I saw the compression wave come through and pushed through the windows. The glass cracked and the broke. The glass began floating toward those in the lobby. I managed to duck down behind the reception desk.

It all came down to this one female terrorist who made it all the way to the building. I shot her as she reached the door. Then a second explosion went off, but it was less powerful than the first one. Thus, the tower remained standing.

That is all I remember.
Take note, the above was written while I was half asleep. So, please forgive me for my grammatical slips in the above piece.

The plan is to expand on how I go about building a story or even a scene from the dream. Does it trigger a story idea for you?

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