Friday, April 23, 2010

Mind Maps

Friday, April 23

A couple of weeks ago, Delilah Devlin came up with the idea of using the book The Weekend Novelist by Robert J. Ray and Bret Norris as a project and floated the idea around starting a Yahoo group to work on the project. With many people saying yes, she created Roses_The_Weekend_Novelist_Workgroup on Yahoo.

For the last three or four weeks, I looked all over the Internet for the name of a chart that I have been using in my writing. The more I looked; the higher my frustration grew. Though, there were some close calls but nothing matched what I did. At least until this past weekend.

Our assignment for April 16-18: To read the introduction and get ready to do weekend one of the project. As I read the introduction, two words jumped out at me: Mind Map. The answer to my question finally revealed itself.

I got on the Internet and looked that phrase up and found that this was essentially what I had looked for over the last month. One places a central idea in the middle and draw lines out from it with additional information about the subject.

Now that I know what it is actually called, I can go forward with a few projects I wanted to work on. Today, I plan to work on building on the story based on the dream I posted on yesterday’s blog post. That will more than likely include a mind map.

I will let you know how that works.

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