Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fool's Day

Thursday, April 01

Hello again. Master here. You know, Stone’s cat. Things have changed for the better around here. Stone is doing everything I want him to do.

Neck massages whenever I want. Stone keeps my bowl filled with salmon and moved it to the table. I got along with his younger brother’s Chihuahua. I have given up on chasing that squirrel. The birds singing no longer bug me in the morning.

Oh, by the way, April’s Fool.

What should have gave it away was the phrase, “Stone is doing everything I want him to do.” He has never done what I want him to do.

As for that noisy thing called a chihuahua, I could have sworn that it was an overgrown rat the first time I saw it. But I never heard a rat bark. The thing is the noisiest thing I ever heard.

As for that squirrel, I almost got it the other day. I slapped its tail several times, but the thing managed to out climb me when he shot up that tree. That hasn’t stopped it from fussing and hurling insults at me.

The birds are just too cheerful in the morning. That drives me nuts. I don’t mind them being happy, but do they have to sing about it in the morning. Baa Humbug.

As for the salmon for my lunch, I am still working on that. I will work on the device a little to see if I can adjust its effectiveness.

Well, until later – Meow.

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