Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dreams - Writer's Wednesday

Wednesday, April 07

Hello! Today, I wish to cover the subject of dreams. To me, they are an excellent source for story ideas.

Like most people, my dreams are usually are in color. It seems most of them entertain me while I am asleep. I have gone to bed trying to solve a problem, and the dream provided a solution for it. This is rare though. Like I said, most of the time, they are like watching mini-movies while I am asleep.

If the story is interesting enough, I try to write down everything I can remember about it. I remember one time that I had this one dream three different times. The ending to the dream differed each time. I wrote all three versions down.

The dream involved a monster made out of electrical energy coming after me and some friends. In the first dream, it killed us when we tried to destroy it. In the second dream, we killed it but it still killed us.

I remember thinking that this was not the way this dream should end. At this point, I knew I was dreaming. I restarted the dream and went through the whole thing again. The third time, we managed to draw the creature out and trip it up on a grounded wire thus killing it but not killing ourselves in the process. Upon success, I woke and started writing it down.

About the third of the time, I realize that I am dreaming and that is when the dynamics of the dream change. Most of the time, I take control of the dream and have a blast. They call this type of dream 'lucid dreams,' - a dream where the person knows he/she is dreaming.

I have gotten out of the habit of writing down my dreams. At first, I did not remember much of my dreams. But when I started writing them down every day, I began to remember more details about each dream. I had gotten to the point that it took me two hours to write down the dream.

Since the first of the year, I captured four dreams on paper (or in my computer). I think I will start doing it again this week. The AlphaSmart 3000 will be placed next to my bed tonight. Tomorrow morning, I shall restart capturing the dreams once again. If one makes since this next week and a half, I may share it.

Then again, that may open me up to be chased by the men in white lab coats and the nets. I really do not care for those white jackets with extra long sleeves either. Big Grin.

Have you had a dream that you turned into a story idea? Has a dream helped you resolve a story problem? Let me know.

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