Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily To Do

Monday, April 19

I said that I would cover my daily ‘to do’ list in a little more detail. Some are easy and others are time consuming. But here is my daily “to do” list”
  1. Read at least five blogs.
  2. Daily exercise
  3. Read at least 30 pages to a book
  4. Go through the day’s paper
  5. Read through my affirmations
  6. Read today’s devotional
  7. Pick up and put up 3 to 5 items in order to help keep home clean.
What I am searching for in the blogs is information that I may be able to use in my works. It could be research or the post can trigger an idea for a story. That is the reason I go through the daily paper as well. A blog can be a personal news outlet.

My daily exercise list has nine different exercises that I want to do every day. My goal is to accomplish at least five of those nine. So far I have met that goal (in the last two days – Big Sheepish Grin). This past week I rode my exercise bike for 18 miles. My goal for this week is 28 miles.

I read my daily devotional when I get up in the morning. The inspirational stories in this book helps prepare me for today’s challenges. Somehow, the stories fit what I feel for the day.

My goal of setting a page count on reading a book is because lately, I have been neglecting that part of my writing career. But the main reason I let reading slide to the side is that I have the tendency to read the book from cover to cover and not get anything else on my list of things accomplished.

As for my affirmations, they help guide me through my life and my day. I use them to attempt to keep order in my life and sometimes to see if I can change some aspects of it as well.

The last one is “picking up 3 to 5 items.” My room is so cluttered that I can spend weeks on it. That too is a drain on my creativity. I decided that every time I walk through my room or our home, that I will pick up something and either put it in its proper place or deposit it in the “round” filing cabinet. I know it will take longer but I believe it will eventually show results.

So, that is what my daily to do list is about. Do you have a routine that you try to stick by? If so, what way do you use to remind yourself of those tasks?


  1. What to do list is my every day help to remember what I must do this day or what to buy in a store. I wouldn't be functioning right without "what to do list" :)

  2. I am that way as well. What makes things worse though is that I make a shopping list so that I remember to get everything at the store I need. And, then I get to the store to realize that I left that list sitting on the table. BG

    I usually can remember most of the list but I always forget the item that was the main reason I went to the store in the first place.


  3. I so do that! I swear, I'm constantly running back to the store for the very thing I needed in the first place!

    I use my phone to keep organized. It has an alarm that goes off for everything I enter on my agenda for the day. Problem is it is only a flashing light and sometimes I ignore it thinking it's e-mail only to discover I forgot to go somewhere hours after the event!

    Oh well, can't win them all :)