Sunday, April 25, 2010

April’s Report Card - 2010-04-25

Sunday, April 25

So far, I have not done much toward this month’s goals . Some goals have been made and some I am still working on.

On goal six, I got the second book read. That makes two down and one to go. I completed Beth Cornelison’s The Dark Defender on Thursday. Enjoyed it quite a bit. As for the reviews, they are in the works.

As for any other items on the list I started at the beginning of the month, they are still in the works. Last week I said I helped my mom set out some plants and that I planted some seeds. The tomato and pepper plants are looking good. The seeds have not come up yet. Still hoping.

My unwritten goals are going along fine though. Except for Friday, I have not missed a chance to walk. But, I do refuse to walk when I hear thunder. (Why I took Friday off.)

Another unofficial goal is that I started with a group of writers and authors to work on a project involving the book The Weekend Novelist by Robert J. Ray and Bret Norris. This morning, I wrote the premise to the book down. Will work on the exercises on pages 9 and 10 (Weekends 1 and 2) of the book.

This week, I hope to complete my first goal of plotting out the remainder of my current Sci Fi novel. I will also work on building my articles and reviews this week as well.

For now, that is all I have. After I work on this week’s ‘to do’ list, I will start work on one of the two writing projects I have started. See ya later – Clark Stone.

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