Monday, April 12, 2010

April’s Report Card - 2010-04-12

Monday, April 12

Yesterday, I mentioned that I peeked at today’s topic and it looked ugly. It does. I will be discussing my progress on April’s goals.

Goals one, two and five involve my sci-fi novel and goal four pertains to some short stories. On those, I have not done diddlelysquat. My novel is on the front burner for today’s activities once I complete my blog post. I get cranky when I am away from it too long. The short stories are still in the planning stage - I plan to start work on them as soon I can get a roundtuit. (If someone send me a ‘roundtuit,’ I might be in trouble. Big Grin)

As for scheduling my blog posts, I worked on that some and it is a continuous process. This one I expect to have nailed down by next week, hopefully.

I have selected the first of the three books I plan to read this month. It’s Gina Wilkins’

Now, onto goals 7 and 8, those repairs are still in the works. Other things have to be accomplished first. I hope to start on the closet this week.

Goal nine has had mixed results. The tires and tubes to replace the dryrotted one on the bike along with a liner cost me $55. Man, prices have gone up. Should have purchased that bike that Wal-Mart had on clearance for $50.

The bike now has two new tires with tubes that are supposed to self-heal if they get punctured. Then there is the added protection of a liner between the tire and the tube.

The axles to the bike still need to be greased and my legs need to be strengthened. I have not ridden a bike in so long that I had trouble riding the thing. The main reason, I believe, was that my legs were so weak.

As for my Web site, I still need to look through it so I can determine what deficiencies may be present. When I posted my Easter Story, I realized I had a problem with posting other stories when the time came. I have to look into this a little more. I want my short stories to be located in a different directory away from my alien short stories.

Today, my mom and I are scheduled to set out the tomatoes and pepper plants. I plan to plant seeds for some herbs and onions. We will get out and work in our small garden this afternoon.

On my four articles, I have been allowing ideas to bounce around in my mind. Also, some research has been done, but as for writing them, one has been started. Timeline on when it will be finished is still up in the air.

How is your month coming along?

Private Partners, second book in the Doctors in Training series and a Silhouette Special Edition. This will be my distraction on my exercycle this morning. I’ll let you know how it is when I finish it.

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  1. Yeah, it's letting me post :) My husband has a "roundtoit" carries it everywhere! Sounds like you are making progress. I've been out of the chatroom so long ... miss you guys. About done with my edits though, here's to hoping the editor likes the changes. My garden is in and slowly coming along, good luck with yours!