Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week Starting 2010-03-28

Sunday, March 28

That time of the week again. Again, the same thing happened this week. I did not get too much done. This week had been dedicated to cleaning up and straightening the house. Visitors came this weekend.

The one thing I finally did complete was my preliminary links page on my web site ( Click here to go to Clark Stone’s Link Page). I hope to spend more time on this page in the future.

I think I will change the format for Sunday’s blog post. Change it so that I just post what I accomplished for the previous week. I will no longer list what I will do.

Yet, I may list ten things I want to accomplish for April. That is a post I will put together sometime this week. I still need to prioritize items I need to get accomplished out of the long list that I have assembled.

I have gone over the list of items I wrote out on a piece of 6x9 inch steno paper. The one thing on the list turned out to be a bear to do is replacing the backup light on my car. On most cars, one just pulls the bulb from the socket and put the new one in.

On my vehicle, I had to get tools to remove the light panel off of the trunk lid in order to get the socket out of the lens to change the bulb. I had standard tools and I needed metric. Finally got a 10mm socket and replaced the bulb in about fifteen minutes. Then I could get the car inspected.

There are more items but they would not make sense here. I will work on a list for this week and start working on them this week. Whatever the other goals may be, I will continue to work on my great American novel.

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  1. Keep on keeping on! Don't you hate that when car makers do stuff like that? Should be a simple process but they complicate it so they can make us give up and take it to the dealer for a 100.00 lightbulb change!