Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oops! My Goof.

Wednesday, March 3

Today, I had planned to do as I did last Wednesday and show how I get ideas from the news. This is going to be a bit hard because I didn't find any stories or titles that caught my interest. I'll try again for next Wednesday.

Now, what should I talk about today? I haven't a clue. One of my favorite columns that appears in the opinion section of the Sunday paper (The Times, Shreveport) is a column called "Nitpickers Notebook." This column discusses the misuse of words that appear in print. These include pointing out needless words, incorrect words, the wrong homonym, etc.

Of those, the one I fear the most is the use of a wrong homonym. I have no problem using their and there. It is the obscure homonyms that get me. Some of these are ringer/wringer, transient/transit, principle/principal, counsel/council/consul, etc. Yes, the second that one may not be a true set in them since they do sound different. Not only do I have a problem with homonyms, so does my Dragon NaturallySpeaking program.

There are other words that drive me nuts when I am working with my stories. Especially when I do not remember how to spell them. Just like the words "wrecking havoc." This is the way I would spell it normally. But when I got online to check it out to make sure, I found out that it's not spelled in that manner. The correct terminology would be wreaking havoc. So, the homonyms wreck/wreak find there way into my list of words to keep up with. The word "wreck" means to demolish or to destroy. The word "wreak" means to commit or to produce.

This is one reason why I like the Internet because it helps me straight on my word use. Usually when I run across one of these words that I have not used in a while, I wonder if I am using the correct spelling or the wrong homonym. I usually highlight the word in green and keep going if I do not want to break my flow of thoughts.

Other any words out there that you are worried about?

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