Saturday, March 20, 2010

Memory Lane

Saturday, March 20

Memory lane is a good place to find ideas for stories. There are some stories that my father or my younger brother told me that I want to turn into short stories. Then there are the memories that I come across that would be good to enhance a story with.

One memory that popped to mind this morning is an occurrence involving our mailbox and birds. This one can be used to add conflict to a story. Now to that memory.

This yearly event usually started in the spring. This epic battle between a pair of birds and my mom started off about four years ago. One day, mom came in saying that the postman missed the mailbox. She picked up the mail that the wind scattered all over the ground.

This went on for about four or five days. One morning, she discovered the mail she put in the mailbox for the carrier to pick up had been scattered on the ground. When she looked into the mailbox, she found nesting material. This started a yearly battle.

She would pull the nesting material out to put in the mail, and the birds pulled the mail out to build their nest. Eventually, the birds got the hint and find another place for their nest.

It started up again this week. I found a letter on the ground that shouldn’t been there. It has not gotten to the level it did the first time we encountered this problem but spring starts sometime tomorrow.

As usual, I wonder how I can use this in writing. It may not be a bird but some other animal that can interfere with the protagonist or even the antagonist. The protagonist is expecting to find something left the way s/he left it but then discovers an odd animal had made hash work of it. Almost like a “dog ate my homework” moment.

Well, until tomorrow, have a nice day.

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