Thursday, March 18, 2010

Master Speaks Again

Thursday, March 18

Hello, Stone’s cat again. You remember, Master. One of these days I will get him to call me that. I keep commanding him to stop calling me Fuzztail but to no avail. I am just having a bad hair year with it.

At least, my hints on gardening have sunk in. In his garden this year, my human plans on growing some catnip. That way, I don’t have to get online and order my treats.

But, I overheard him say something about getting a grocery-shopping cart to put over it to keep me out of it. If I can find his friend who suggested that, I would show him how sharp my claws are.

Found a new resting place. The problem is that my humans don’t quite understand my intentions. They keep moving me out of my comfortable accommodations. Then one of them sat on me last week. I did not realize they were that serious about those four legged pedestals. I gave them that one concession.

This is to my new friend, Simba. Don’t let that old maid cat get you down. The important part is that you found a human who will do your bidding. Those neck rubs are great but be prepared to bug your human to get them.

Well, my accomplishments for this week includes sleeping on the roof of a couple trucks, napping on the hood of my human’s car and stretching out on the porch. Oh, that bird that kept bopping me in the butt, he won’t do that any more. Actually, he turned out to be very delicious.

If you wonder how I am able to pull this off, I will tell you about it next week. The device is not purrrfected just yet.

Can’t say much about the accomplishments of my human though. He can’t remember how many words he added to his science fiction book. But he completed and edited three scenes. I myself do not believe in science fiction. The only genre I am interested in is called “meeow.” Stories about cats for cats. They are about my adventures of capturing and taming my human. But this is work in progress.

Until next week, Master here. Oh, okay, I will accept Eight Ball. Gotta hurry and post this. My human is slipping from my control. But, not after he gives me the “massage of the week.”

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