Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kitty Time

Thursday, March 25

Master here again. This week I planned to reveal how I am able to control, to a certain degree, my human. It is this device that allows me to post to Stone’s blog. By the way, that is a stupid name. Since it should be dedicated to me and my exploits, I believe it should be called a ‘Cat Log’ or ‘clog’ for short.

Oh well, back to my story. My predecessor, Queenie, developed this device that allowed her to control the human. I found it a couple weeks ago and figured out how to work it, but there are glitches in the device. It only works for a chosen few things.

For instance, I managed to convince him to purchase that pouch of catnip from the store. Some acquaintances informed me about this. That way I would not have to wait another few months.

The device allows me to influence his thoughts to a point. Yet, he is stubborn. He still plans to grow some. In my view, he better grow more than “some.” Also, he went outside today to grill some meat, yet, for some reason, he’s not following my hints to ‘feed the kitty.’

He still puts me out on those cold nights and I really hate that. But I think part of that is because his mother tells him to put me out. The device doesn’t work too well on her either.

She told him the other day that I was getting too fat. She didn’t know why Stone fed such a good for nothing cat. I couldn’t believe my ears. Everyone loves cats; she should know that. The supreme being on this planet.

I showed her how useless I am. I went out and caught my own supper. After I left a deposit in her flower garden that is. When I finished playing with it, I set it down at her feet to show her. Should have heard her scream. Also, I think I heard Stone say the last time she climbed into that chair that fast was when he was a young boy. Someone brought over a pet snake.

That was fun to watch. I think I will bring in more of them, after I get through playing with them.

As for Stone, he still refers to me by that moniker, Fuzztail. He came close to calling me by my chosen name last week but managed to overpower that suggestion. Again, a flaw in the device.

Now, the one thing that I have to put on the record is that I am the one who has been feeding Stone all of those great ideas. But for some reason, he keeps dropping the main character of the story out: Master, the Cat.

I’ll just have to continue working on the device. Someday, I may perfect it and then Stone will be mine. For now, I think I’ll go outside and hunt that bird that is singing. It’s starting to cheer me up and I am still hungry.

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