Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Thursday, March 11

Oh, how I hate that phrase but I feel that it best describes this irony of this post. The title should be "Here Slave, Slave, Slave." since I will be talking about my human.

Hello, my name is Eight Ball. I prefer to be called Master though Stone calls me Fuzztail. I show up one day experiencing a bad-hair day with my tail and that is what he named me.

I let him think I am his cat but we all know better. When I need a massage, I rub against his leg and start purring and thus instant massage. Though there are times he neglects my needs. My hourly massage sessions have dwindled down to once every couple hours.

Then when I try to remind him of my needs, what does he do? Puts me outside. Then there is my diet. I command roasted turkey or broiled chicken. He fills this dirty bowl with these hard crunchy pieces of cereal. At least, I can go outside and find some fresh food, though I don’t like to hunt for it. I like it better when it just walks by. Then, it's playtime.

Better yet, Stone could catch them for me and then give them to me to play with and eat. I even brought one back to him to show him what he needed to bring to me for my entertainment and nutritional needs. He just puts me and it back outside. I'll try later with his mom.

So, today, I wanted to let off some steam about Stone. As for repercussions, he knows better to refuse me my catnip. I know where he hides his chocolate.

Bye now, and see ya next week. Meow!


  1. Hey Eight Ball, I'm Simba. I started life living across the street from the nice lady who sits and taps on that silver thing all day but those people wouldn't let me in the house. They failed to recognize my superiority and my need for constant attention. The nice lady lets me in, even though I fight with her old maid cat, and she feeds me this yummy mush she gets from a can.
    I like her so I sleep on top of the loose papers on her desk and I brought her a bird last week.
    I've trained her well and now she even allows me on her bed!
    Meow for now : Mr. Sims

  2. Hey Simba,

    Glad to meet ya. My human tried to feed that to me once but I suspected he tried to drug me with it.

    A few days later, he and his mother grabbed me and took me on what seemed to be this great ride. But this great ride ended with them leaving me in this strange place.

    When I woke, I found this ugly and painful cut on my tummy. Luckily, my hair grew back and covers it up but I have lost all interest in meeting guys. Not to mention the weight I gained because of it.

    Be careful. I heard the other animals at the place talk about something called "fixing." I don't know what that is but one of them said that he discovered his desire for sex has gone out the window. He also said that he is missing a part of his anatomy. I don't think they fixed him; I think they broke him.

    So, be careful if they invite you to ride in their vehicles.

    As for her old maid cate, Stone had one of those too. For the first few months, she would chase me up a tree every day.

    Every since then, I have been extremely jumpy.

    Glad to talk with ya, Until later, Eightball.