Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grilling Time

Saturday, March 27

Today, I am starting up the old grill. Mom likes that because it does not heat up the house, and I am the one cooking. It also satisfies the inner firebug within me by allowing me to set something on fire and not get in trouble for it.

Sometimes, I have been accused of being cheap at times. This event may explain that a bit better. When it comes to doing something cheap, I try the cheap way first.

It's not like I don't have the charcoal. I have more oak limbs of various sizes than charcoal. In order to save that charcoal, I use those limbs to cook with.

I start off with two 14- to 16-inch sticks and arrange them up and down in the grill about six to eight inches apart. Then I place smaller sticks across them until I cover the bed of the grill.

Next, small twigs and sticks are tossed in between and on top of the others. The smaller ones catch fire quicker thus helps ignite the larger ones.

After putting a thick layer of these smaller sticks on top, I placed some 1-inch diameter sticks on top. These will be the ones that provide the embers that I cook with.

It would be at this point that I would squirt some lighter fluid onto the sticks and then immediately ignite them. This time, I used something called “Eco-Start Natural Lighter Fuel.” It is a thick green liquid gel that is supposed to be made of natural products. No petroleum used to make it.

Because of this, I had to squirt some of it onto the sticks before placing the top layer of sticks down. The gel stuck to the sticks and was easy to light when the time came to start the fire.

The only downside to the process is that when I finish cooking, I smell like I have been smoked. In other words, I smell delicious and hope to avoid all of those cannibals out there.

The object for the grill today is some ham mom bought a while back. The oak limbs add a smoked flavor to the meat that makes it delicious. Gotta go now. It is done and it is past lunch time. The ham is calling my name. Is it calling yours?

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