Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goals and Accomplishments 100314

Sunday, March 14

That time of the week again! Fewer successes this week. I feel good about the successes though.

The newsletter now has six pages toward the Nola News Extra for Nola Stars. I know; I did not make the ten pages I wanted but six is better than none.

My conference blog post had to be my easiest goal this past week. I got it out of the way on Tuesday. But as for writing five posts for this week, I missed it by one. Yea, I know, my cat snuck onto my computer and did one but it counts.

Out of the seven web sites I visited, two of them had information that interested me. The first one is a blog post on the Bookends LLC: A Literary Agency blog site. The post is titled “Word Count.” The other is a blog named Guide to Literary Agents with the post titled “Ten Reasons Why an Agent Stops Reading.”

Both articles are informative and gave me information I had not seen before. I have not figured out what I will do with these. I may put them in my ‘link list’ if I finally get around to building it.

The other five sites I checked out were either outdated, no longer existent or not relevant to me.

As for my word count toward my novel, I made a grand total of about 800 words this week. Just need to force myself to sit down and write. I made some headway toward one of my articles but still need to work on them. As for my ‘link’ page, I did not look at it at all.

As for my goals this week, they will be pretty much the same as last week’s (again I'm placing them in the order of importance.):

  1. Complete 10 pages to the Nola News Extra
  2. Write 10,000 words toward my novel
  3. Build article "Email to the Rescue - Saving your data via email and your server."
  4. Build article "The Backup Schedule - What needs to be backed up and when"
  5. Work on my basic 'link' page for my website
  6. Visit five Web addresses on my "websites to visit list"
  7. Complete five posts to my blog
  8. Clean 200 emails from my email program

One change I will institute this week is that I will note the progress of my work toward my goals every day instead of at the end of .

Toward my exercises, I have restarted them but need to ramp them up a bit more. Since the weather has finally gotten warmer, I will add walking to my schedule. I plan to take my notes and my voice recorder and see about building on my novel.

Today, I restarted my food journal. I will catalog everything I eat in an attempt to lower my consumption. It worked before and I have to stick by it. I also plan to build a menu of proper foods that I should be eating. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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