Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garden Time

Tuesday, March 30

Hello, I had talked about planting catnip several times. That is not the only thing I am looking into planting. We are going to try to plant some tomatoes and peppers again this year.

Last year, we got such a late start that we did not get any tomatoes but we got a bunch of jalapeno peppers off of two plants. The only two plants the deer decided not to eat on. We plan to stake out the tomatoes as soon as we transplant them in the hopes that the deer won’t mess with them.

If not, we may have a nice harvest of venison this year. I make the same threat every year but the closest I got was a photograph of one nibbling on one of mom’s trees. I have thought about using motion detectors set up to turn on noise makers to scare them off but I have not worked that out yet.

Along with the three plants listed above, I also plan to plant some chives, sage, onions, thyme and a couple other items. I will plant some sunflowers later next month. I love to nibble on sunflowers, but I like to watch them grow.

One year, mom saw one of the sunflower heads moving along the ground. It turned out that it was almost three times bigger than the squirrel that tried to commandeer it. She said the squirrel followed and fussed at her after she took the sunflower away from him.

The one thing that mom would love to grow is some clover. She would love to see the front and side gardens filled with it. The seed for it though is a bit out of our price range. We do have some clover out there but not like it was two years ago.

Now, insects, squirrels and deer are not the only pests we have to watch out for. The worst pest we have around here are the two-legged skunks. Every once in a while, someone comes through and helps himself/herself to our persimmons and tomatoes. The year before last, our persimmons disappeared overnight. Five years ago, someone helped themselves to almost a bushel of tomatoes.

Over the last year, I cut out almost every article pertaining to the “how to” of gardening. Some are informative though will not be needed until later this summer. I will be pouring over them to see what I need to be doing.

One thing several of the authors usually agree on is that I need to take notes on when I plant and what type of plants I use. I plan to keep notes and write down the plants progress.

How about you? Are you growing any plants this year? Let me know.

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  1. I used to garden over two acres but I'm now in a neighborhood so I've made a couple of raised beds and plopped them into the flower beds. I have two types of tomato, an orange bell pepper, onions, lettuce, radish, carrots, spinach, herbs, bush grean beans. In large pots on the patio I have pole beans on a teepee and a bush cucumber. The cheapest place I've ever found for seed is a place out of Maine called Pinetree Gardens. www.SuperSeeds.com check it out, you might find your clover!
    I've read that lifeboy soap hung from old panythose around the garden will keep deer away and my F-I-L used to have a radio hooked up to his motion detector lights to scare his critters off. I don't know what to tell you about theiving neighbors, that is awful, I can't imagine someone doing that. Most gardeners are more than happy to share, if asked!