Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Strange

Friday, March 19

Sometimes I get this strange feeling that someone is trying to take control of my mind. Fuzztail, my cat, is curled up next to me, but I have a scratch on my arm that I don’t remember seeing before.

I did get a great thought earlier this week. It came to me one day while I held Fuzztail and rubbed her head. Why not try growing a batch of catnip? I picked up a package the other day from the store. Come to find out, not only do cats like it, but it can be used for cooking and catnip tea. I had not realized that it is a herb and is part of the mint family.

My friend, Joey, said that I need a way to protect the plant from the cat or she would get into it. One idea that came up is putting an old shopping cart over it so that the light could get into it yet keep the cats out of it.

I am mulling over other ways I can protect the plant. Joey said if he comes up with another idea, he would let me know. He likes cats, but for some reason, Fuzztail has taken to a snubbing him over the last few days. Oh, well.

Master, uh, I mean Fuzztail, can be quite obstinate at times with certain people. She got mad at us the other day because we moved her out of a chair she had taken a like to. One day, she hopped back up after being pushed out and mom sat on her. If looks could kill, we would have been dead that day. That fuzzy tail swished back and forth as she stood at the door wanting out.

At times, I get the impression that Fuzztail is miffed at me. Who can read a cat’s mind? Then again, I am not sure I want to know.

Goals update:
  1. 4 pages done toward Nola News Extra
  2. Don’t know how many words I got toward my book but I did build and edit three more scenes to my book
  3. This will be my fourth blog post this week.
  4. Removed 205 emails from my email program.
  5. Worked an hour on my Basic Link’s page - hope to have it up on Saturday.
  6. Collected a few links to look over.

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