Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Tuesday, March 16

I really do not like disruptions too much. I love visitors but hate that they end up being disruptions to my routine.

Sunday night, my two nephews showed up because of some type of scuffle. I am not sure what happened, but it involved my youngest nephew being jumped by a couple guys who wanted to get to his older brother.

In short, they came over to spend the night to keep out of trouble and that threw off my Monday. They are still around, but I am forging on.

There is more to this story than I am telling you now but I have more on it entered into my journal. The reason I am writing about this is because I might be able to use this in one of my stories. This is a form of conflict and conflict is one thing that help makes a story interesting.

If I can throw a monkey wrench in my character’s routine, then I may have a comedic scene that has him/her juggling things to get back on track. Whether or not I can pull it off, that still remains to be seen.

But, I intend on using the incident in a future short story. Even if it turns out to be just a red herring.

Goals update:
  1. 4 pages done toward Nola News Extra
  2. 1800 words toward my novel
  3. Completed one blog post
  4. and removed 135 emails from my email program.

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  1. LOL, gotta love family; NOT. Glad you could use the annoyance for writing purposes though :)