Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Conference Notes

Tuesday, March 9

I missed the conference already. It went too fast, and before I knew it, BAM, it was over. Yes, I am talking about the NOLA STARs Written in the Stars Conference.

100 people attended the conference, including speakers/editors/agents. When I attend these events, I always come away with new knowledge that I can use toward my writing.

This year, I finally took the plunge and made an editor and an agent appointment so that I can pitch my book: A sci-fi action thriller of about 100,000 words. I worked summing up my pitch and placing those summaries on note cards. I rewrote those cards six times and still managed to screw up.

The appointments definitely opened my eyes. During the first appointment – my morning agent appointment – I felt like a babbling idiot. (Big Grin) I seemed to rush through my pitch.

Realizing my error, I reworked my pitch a couple more times and trimmed down my notes before my afternoon appointment with the editor. This time, I had my notes organized and trimmed down. Yet, rewriting them that many times, I found myself giving my pitch in a more relaxed and confident manner without referring to my notes once.

Both the editor and agent told me to send in a query letter on my book to an associate who handled science fiction. But, I think I have to finish the book first. With it almost at the halfway mark, I hope to have the first draft finished by the end of March. Then I will begin to polish it up as I learn to write a query letter.

The conference turned out great and I had fun. Though, I did throw my diet out the window. Who wouldn’t with all of that good food to eat?

I enjoyed getting reacquainted with old friends and making new ones. Looking forward to next year's conference already.

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