Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conference Bound

Thursday, March 4

Today, my excitement is almost out of control. It is the time of the year for the Written in the Stars Conference that NOLA STARs puts on every year. I can’t wait to met old friends and make new ones. The networking with my fellow writers always re-energizes my writing.

As I always do, I start making a list of things that I want to take to the conference. Some items I may not need but if I do not bring them, I will need them. My list has the usual items of clothing that I want to take. But, I also have medicines that I need for various ailments.

I usually fill two columns of a steno pad page with my list and sometimes put some on the back. This list includes items I need to accomplish days prior to my leaving home. These are trimming my beard and getting a hair cut (The smartass in me wants to say “He got them all cut.” – Big Grin). It also includes purchasing items that I need to take.

In this category, I am working a couple of pitches to give since this is the first year I signed up for an Editor/Agent appointment. Still working on those. I will build note cards on them. Need to make sure I practice it several times tonight and tomorrow. Should have been doing it all week.

Since I know the rooms have microwave ovens, I will take some bags of popcorn. Tea, sweetener and mints because I usually come out with a sore throat. I also bring some salt to make a warm salt water gargle to help sooth my throat.

Other things I pack are my business cards, confirmation number for hotel room, rechargeable batteries, camera, tripod, and hand cream. That covers about a fourth of what is on my list. I keep telling myself that I will build a permanent packing list so that I would not have to keep reinventing the wheel, so to speak, every time I travel somewhere. I did it once but do not know where I put it.

My final item I put on my list and it actually sits at the top of my list is “Make sure your head is screwed on straight before leaving the house.”

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