Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Bonehead Move

Wednesday, March 10

It is at the end of the Written in the Stars conference, and I’ve packed my bags to get ready to go home. On Sunday morning, I planned to go meet some fellow writers at an IHOP for breakfast.

So, the time for me to leave and I took two pieces of luggage (actually tote bags stuffed with things) to the car with me. When I got to the car, I discovered I did not have my keys. I remember seeing them on the bed the night before. My conclusion – I packed them in my luggage or tote bag.

First, to search the two totes I took to my car. After a few moments, I find myself standing in the parking lot with items from my tote bags scattered across the trunk of my car. The keys were not in there. I took out my wallet (where I keep the spare door/trunk key – another long story) and opened the trunk to put the repacked tote bags into.

Next step, to remove the contents from my suitcase and tote bags up in my hotel room. Barely got everything back into them when I finished searching. They, the keys, were nowhere to be found. After checking my computer bag, the desk and under the bed, I was still no closer to finding my keys.

Now, the only thing I did not check yet was my camera bag. If you know me, I usually carry that camera bag everywhere I go. It sat on the bed daring me to open it and I did. I’ll be, there was my keys staring up at me.

Now, talking about a bonehead move, I had one there. It turns out that I had my keys with me the whole time but did not know it. I do not remember putting them in there.

Now, why don’t I keep them in my pants. Well, the sweatpants I wore had a bad habit of sliding down as I walk. It did it especially if I have heavy objects in my pockets. Thus, I either carried my keys or put them in a tote bag.

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