Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yesterday - V01

Tuesday, February 23

Yesterday, I started on writing new material for my book. It felt good to be creating again but I still have to tie up that doggoned internal editor after I wrap its mouth with duct tape.

There are times I can start my music playlist which would drown out the editor’s screams to go back because he wants something changed. Then there are times that he screams so loud that my fingers disobey and traverse back to the spot it wants to change.

But all in all, yesterday turned out to be a good day. I got three scenes written and one edited. In word count, I got over 1500 words written which was 500 below my goal for the day.

Today, I plan to build at least 1500 words again. If I can just keep the interruptions from kicking in, I can do it. I noticed that I managed to write around 100 words every five minutes yesterday. This I discovered while participating in 45 minute sprints with some online friends. During the break between sprints, I figured that I should get close to 900 words during per 45-minute sprint.

Yet, a phone call here, a question or another distraction there, and a "Man, visitors. Where did they come from?" pulls me away from my work. At times, I feel that I need to pick up my computer and go to my room so that I can get away from these distractions. When the weather warms up, I may do just that.

For now, I plan to participate in four to six sprints today to see how far I can get. I will let you know if I made it anywhere near the 900 words in a sprint.

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