Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whoa! Not Again!

Wednesday, February 17

Thump, thump, thump! Sorry, just kicking myself. Have you ever had one of those days in which you are happily typing along on your novel believing you had corrected a major mistake? Then to find out that you had not made a mistake in the first place?

I ran across that yesterday afternoon. Thump! In an earlier post, I noted that I found a major contradiction in my story. I thought I was mistaken but I was wrong. (Yea, I know. A cliché. Don’t ya just love them.)

Several days went into rewriting this scene in my attempt to correct the perceived contradiction. My problem: I did not want to change what I wrote. It fit the story, but in my mind, I had to change it because I liked the other scene better. Then there are the subtle changes I had to make in the two or three scenes that followed.

While I edited, I stumbled across the other scene and realized my error. Now the fun part: How to get the original material back. For me, that will be easier than you think. You see, when I make a major addition or change to my work, I save it under a new filename.

Actually, I just change one part of the filename. For instance, if the filename for my working document is Book-20100217.doc, the next version would be named Book-20100217A. My current filename version ends with a “Y.”

So, to return that scene back to its original form, all I have to do is to pull the information from an earlier version of my work. Now, I will more than likely paste the original back into place but then make some subtle changes.

My panic attack is over and I can look forward to wasting one more day on this major boo boo of mine. Still feel like kicking myself but I will get over it. Thump!

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