Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat?

Monday, February 8

Who Dat? Who Dat say they beat dem Saints?

Something happened last night that most of us in Louisiana thought we would never have seen. Not only did the New Orleans Saints make it to the Super Bowl, they won it.

To tell the truth, we do not watch much football during the season. But last night, mom and I watched a good part of the game with great interest. I must admit that I would change channels when some of the commercials came on. To me, they seemed to come on more often than the ones during the regular season. We did not see too many of those national commercials that everyone raved about. Most of the ones we changed away from looked to be local in nature.

But the last 8 minutes of play, I did not take it off of the game. We watched the game to the end to see the Saint make history once more. Four history making events during the first part of 2010: Making it to the NFC Championship game, winning that game, going to the Super Bowl, and winning the Super Bowl.

All I have to say after that is “No Dat! Kno Dat no one beat dem Saints."

What a night!!!

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  1. LOL! Not only did they win but they embarrassed the Colts. I will confess to not watching but I did step into the room in the early 3rd qtr and it was something like 32-17? It was a trouncing so I went back to work on my book (yes I confess to not being an NFL fan. I was a football fan but not anymore:)