Friday, February 5, 2010

Voice to Text

Friday, February 5

Goody, Goody, I get to use my voice-to-text program today. I love using my Dragon NaturallySpeaking program to write because I can speak faster than I can move my fingers. This just means I increase the number of mistakes per minute by two- or three-fold. More, if I start stuttering. Big Grin.

Mom left to go to the story. That leaves me all by my lonesome so I can use this program. I am unable to use this program very often because it is not often that I am by myself. There is this malady called “being too self-conscious” that prevents me from being able to speak my thoughts this while others are around.

On two or three occasions, I managed to force myself to use this program when working with my book. With my books being science fiction based and mom not caring much for science fiction, I am able to use my microphone because she ignores me. Yet, there are times I am still self-conscious about what I am writing. Especially if one of my characters apparently begins using colorful language or appears in the nude.

I remember how my grandmother put my father on the spot years ago by asking him what is the difference between male and a female plugs for electrical outlets. Even though my father was an electrician, I could tell he had not expected this question. The answer he gave was along the lines that “the male plugs into the female.” I do remember my grandmother enjoying putting him this situation. I just don't want to get into the same situation.

Another part of my voice-to-text program that I don't care much for is that sometimes the program does not enter what I speak into the microphone. There are times that I have to speak like a robot in order to get what I want on the screen.

All-in-all, I enjoy using my Dragon NaturallySpeaking program. It allows me to get quite a bit done otherwise. Yet, in order to get things done, I have to get that duct tape out and tape up the internal editor to keep him quiet.


  1. LOL Clark, is that how you handle the internal pain in the behind? I never knew :)

    The Dragon Speak program is interesting, I may check that out. When I type too much my arm aches unbearably: I refuse to call it carpal tunnel (if I don't name it I've convinced myself it will go away! Kinda like the boogeyman of my youth and the covers over my eyes!!)

    Have a great afternoon!

  2. Even though I may get tape around the critter's mouth, it sometimes will chew through it and start nagging as it hops around the room.

    It is a decent program but it still has it quirks. It is like that scene in Wild Hogs where William Macy speaks tells his computer to look up "Alternate Computer Specs," and the computer responds by saying, "Alternate Computer Sex." Then starts pulling up these sex sites.