Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow, Snow Everywhere

Friday, February 12

Friday. Is it a special Friday or an unlucky Friday. That depends on how you looked at the event that occurred overnight. We got four inches of snow during the night.

To school children, today is a lucky day. They got a snow day thus no school. One child on television has said he wanted to throw a snowball at his sister. When ask if that was mean, he said, “No.” (He smiled.) So, they get to make snowmen and have snowball fights.

To those adults who have to work or be out, today is an unlucky day. The roads are covered with slush that makes them slippery and hard to drive on. (Passed one accident on the way to town.) Then there are the sidewalks or steps. Several people slid and busted their prides. Then they become targets for those children to throw snowballs. Tree limbs fall taking out an electrical line or landing in the road. Finally, their feet and other parts freeze.

To me, today was a little of both. On the unlucky side, I took my nephew to town for a scheduled event that he was required to attend and they did not cancel. I traveled across those slushed filled roads hoping I would not hit a spot of black ice and run into anyone or run off the road. Then cleaning the snow off of the truck gave me frozen feet and hands. A tree limb fell across a power line thus no electricity.

On the lucky side, I get to see snow on the ground in Natchitoches for the first time in over ten years. We got over four inches of snow on the ground. The photos I took may not show what I see but I did attempt to take some. Took a photo of my nephew with a big snowball. The trip to town did allow me to see several fields of undisturbed snow. The electricity did not stay off too long - less that 30 minutes.

Then there is the one treat that I have not eaten in over 20 years. I went outside and collected a bowl of snow. Purpose: make snow ice cream. It tasted great but it cooled me off so that I needed coffee to warm back up.

So, snow can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the person’s point of view. Now, have you ever tried snow ice cream? My recipe: a bowl of snow (collected from the top layer of snow), several dashes of vanilla extract (from 1 to 2 teaspoons), a packet of Sweet-n-Low or Splenda, and milk. Mix them all together. You need to add the milk in increments until the mixture is no longer powdery. And for the chocoholics out there, you might spoon in a couple teaspoons of Ovaltine or some chocolate syrup.


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