Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Resolutions Update - February

Tuesday, February 2

Oh, rats. I forgot again. I told you that I can get trapped in that Nation of Procrasti. Intentions are good but not good enough. They do not get the posts written. If I do not write them, I can’t post them on my blog. This time I missed six days. That is six chances to either impress someone or to make someone laugh.

This blog had originally been slated for yesterday. This is my “State of my Resolutions” address. Currently, that's in a sorry state right now. Let me address each of my resolutions that I posted in my January 2 blog post.

On the first one, I failed in that I have not kept up with making a blog post at least five times a week. My goal this month is to honor that resolution, but I may have to scale back to four times a week.

On the second resolution, I made progress, but I do not know how much. I know I have lost weight. My snacks are celery sticks, cabbage wedges, or dill pickles with an occasional apple thrown in the mix. Yes, on one or two occasions, I cheated but not by much, honest. (Looking out the window checking for electrical activity in the sky.) BG

On the third resolution, I have gotten back up to 4 miles a day when I get to ride. I have made it past 40 miles on the exercise bicycle. I added a few more items to my routine as well. These include assist teaching a martial arts class, stretching my legs and some weight lifting. Granted, I am using 5-pound dumbbells, but I intend to build it up to at least 20 pounds and eventually do multiple sets throughout the day.

As for resolutions four, five, and six, I have not put too much effort toward them at the present time. I worked a little on resolution 6 in that I wrote down ideas that I can use toward the observations.

On resolution seven, I have been putting quite a bit of time toward my first novel. I don't know if I will get the first draft completed by March 1, but I think I am well on my way to do so.

A resolution I thought I added sometime during January covers writing an article on backups to go into a tip sheet planned for an upcoming conference. I have planned that article out and will begin writing on it sometime this week.

Now, how did you do on your resolutions so far this year. Let me know.


  1. Ok, I'm visiting everyday so put the coffee on er, post a blog! There, now you have some accountability :)

    Congrats on the weight loss and sticking to exercize. I failed in that resolution but I'm pounding out a book and managing to blog everyday so there is some progress.

    My weight loss plan was to eat small meals every two/three hours. I am one of the weird people who gain because they don't eat. My metabolism is all out of whack. I eat an ounce of almonds, oranges, etc for snacks in between a breakfast of protein and a complex carb, lunch is same, and supper is lots of vege with small amount of protein and complex carb.
    I have lost about 10 pounds but it is not nearly enough. On the plus side though, my feet don't hurt as much as they did so I can start walking again!

    Looking forward to the next post (hint, hint)

  2. I get the hint. I missed yesterday but today's blog could give a partial explanation.

    On the snacks, I find that the celery does help quite a bit. The vegetable drink works good but I do not need the salt. The pickles have the same problem.

    I do not know how much I way but I am able to get closer to my toes without bending my knees. BG. I do this to help stretch those leg muscles.

    Clark Stone