Monday, February 15, 2010

Nola Stars Meeting

Monday, February 15

This weekend went too fast. I attended a meeting of my writer’s group, Nola Stars or North Louisiana StoryTellers and Authors of Romance. Being one of two men in the group makes things interesting. I always come away energized and ready to write. Also, even if I have heard the topic before, I learn something new.

As a 19-year member of the organization, I never have come away from a meeting without feeling ready to write or learning something new. Plus, the members are such a fun-loving group that I can’t help enjoying socializing and networking with them.

Though, I have not gotten around to reading all of our published authors’ books, but of the ones I have read, they are excellent. Another goal for this year: Read at least one book from each of our published authors and write a review for each book.

Being a writer, not many people have the same enthusiasm about writing as I do. When some asks “What do you do?,” I tell them that I am a writer. They then would ask “What kind of horse do you ride?” When I tell them again, “Writer,” their eyes glaze over and change the subject. Sometimes, I get the “deer staring at headlights” look from them.

So for now, I am energized and ready to tackle my writing projects. Do you belong to a writers’ group, either physical or online? Do you communicate with other writers on a regular basis, either in person, chat rooms or email? Let me know.

Wait! What was that? Sorry for the interruption. My characters are calling for me to stop playing around and get back to their stories.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the weekend. I belong to an RWA chapter but it is two hours away so I don't always make the monthly meetings. I am hoping to start attending again regularly once the time changes. (I don't like to drive at night :) My biggest support though comes from the online group Rose Colored Glasses. The members are more active than my RWA group. They are more supportive too :)