Monday, February 22, 2010

Movie Quotes

Monday, February 22

Another day has dawned and I continue to think about ideas to use in my blog. Boy does my brain hurt. BG

Trying to write with the boob tube on does not work well with me. It is the one distraction that I can’t pass up. I managed to get one scene written and another two edited.

So happens, the movie mom chose to watch turned out to be The Green Mile. An idea hit me as the movie passed the midway point. I know I missed a few of them but I did catch a couple. The “them” I refer to is quotes. I found a couple quotes from the movie that I liked. There would had been more if station that showed the movie hadn’t cut out segments in order to show more commercials.

Quote One: Paul Edgecome (Tom Hanks) said, “The big man’s ripping your ears off, Percy. I’d do as he says.” This occurred during the scene that Paul and Brutus Howell (David Morse) planned put the straight jacket on Percy Whetmore (Doug Hutchison).

Quote Two: “I think this boy’s cheese slid off his cracker.” One investigator said to another about Percy Whetmore after he shot Wild Bill.

There were other quotes I liked but did not think to write them down. I found a few more at

I liked the first quote in that the scene was humorous. The second one reminds me of the insults my friends and I would use on each other. Some of them are,

  1. “Your elevator does not go all the way to the top.”
  2. “One brick shy of a full load.”
  3. “Several french fries shy of a full Happy Meal.”

In the future, if I come across more movie quotes, I will post them. Then there is a quote off of the local news this morning. “Ed, I knew you were good for something.”

Jennifer Gray, Meteorologist, said to Ed Walsh after he helped her say a name of the “Color the Weather” winner on February 22, 2010 morning newscast on KTBS Channel 3.

Have you heard a quote that you like? Let me know.

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  1. Oh Dennis, you got my brain going. My husband is the movie quote afficianto but a couple come to mind this early morning. From Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles: The Governor and his henchman discussing their evil plot and Mel Brooks talking about their "phoney baloney jobs" and then the one we use at our house a lot: Mel Brooks is playing with the child's paddle ball toy and it won't work: "I always get the warped one..." One more, Kelly's Heroes, Oddball the character played by Donald Sutherland, this is often quoted at my house: ..."Quit with those negtive waves..."

    Have a great day and hope to make it into the sprint room!