Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gremlins Strike Again

Wednesday, February 10

Those little monsters are at it again. Mom went out to use her truck and soon came back in saying the truck would not start.

Not only would it not start, it does not even click an indication that the relay wasn't getting enough power. A couple weeks ago, I replaced an end to the battery cable. I just figured that it somehow vibrated loose. That was not the case. When I measured the voltage across the battery, I got 8 volts from a 12-volt battery. Then mom turned the key and the voltage dropped to 4 volts. This usually tells me that there are bad cells in the battery.

Mom is worried that it is the alternator because it happened to her and dad years ago. At the present time, we have a charger across the battery. If it starts, then I will measure the voltage across the post. That will tell me if it is the battery. If the voltage reads 13.5 volts or thereabouts, then the alternator is working.

The only other thing that this could be is that the switch for the ignition managed to stay engaged after the key is removed. Since we had the switch replace, it allows us to remove the key without it being in the off position. If this happened, it meant that the ignition switch caused the battery to drain.

All this really does not bother me. What bothers me is that this gremlin decided to show up on one of the coldest days here in Louisiana. The air sitting at 30 degrees and a 5 mph wind. Trying to work on a battery with Popsicle hands is not my kind of fun. The cold seems to magnify the pain of bumping my hands against anything.

Well, it is time for me to go out and check on the charger. As for that gremlin, I will get my hands on him eventually and when I do, I’ll… Oops, this is a non-violent site. At least for now.

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  1. LOL, if the gremlins are the cute ones ya gotta leave 'em be, but those ugly ones now, have at 'em!