Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goals and Accomplishments 100228

Sunday, February 28

It is the time of the week to report my goal successes and failures. At times, I wonder if I set myself up for failure by making so many goals. Actually, I make my goals list so long that when I accomplish all of my important goals, that I have something else to work on that needs my attention. Anyway, I look at my goals list as a challenge.

First, I shall reveal my accomplishments for the week. Last week's goal numbers four (10,000 words) and five (10+ scenes) pertaining to my writing. I wrote over 14 scenes containing 11,450 words. This surprised me in that I didn't realize I had typed that much into the computer.

The reason I thought this is because I found myself progressing at the rate of 250 to 400 words per session while doing 45-minute sprints. I knew I broke the 1,000 word mark on a couple of days but didn't think I did it every day.

As for the other six goals that I had set for myself, the old adage "out of sight, out of mind" fits in here. Since I do not have my list in front of me every day, I didn't get to them as often. On goal numbers 1, 2, 3 pertain to finding new blogs, reading old blogs, and leaving comments, respectively, I managed to do part of them, but by Tuesday, they fell to one side. I didn't have the list of what I wanted to do in front of me so they didn't get done.

Now it's time for me to list my goals for this week. Please note that I am placing them in order of importance. I will endeavor to accomplish the top of the list first.

Goals for this week:

  1. Go to the NOLA STARs Written in the Stars Conference on Friday.
  2. Build a packing list of things to take with me to the conference -- subject of a future post.
  3. Build the March/April chapter newsletter for Nola Stars
  4. Write 10,000 words toward novel
  5. Build article "Email to the Rescue - Saving your data via email and your server."
  6. Build article "The Backup Schedule - What needs to be backed up and when"
  7. Visit five new blogs for this week
  8. Visit five blogs listed in my bookmark folder
  9. Visit five Web addresses on my "websites to visit list"
  10. Work on my basic 'link' page for my website
  11. Complete five posts to my blog

There are other goals that I could probably put up here but they are very trivial. These are the goals that I don't know if I'll actually have a chance to work on.

Last week I mentioned that I had started to it new exercises to my routine. I am happy to tell you that I completed my goal is working out at least five out of the seven days. One thing I will add to my list of exercises for this week is walking 4/10 of a mile. This may not seem like much, but with my back muscles supporting so much weight, I probably would not be able to make it further than that. My goal is to walk every day. Then again, this depends on whether the day it's cold or not.

As I lose weight and time passes, I intend on increasing that up to a mile. Currently I am looking at repairing my father's bicycle, so that on warm sunny days, I can take it out on a spin.

I hope your week has been as fruitful as mine even though I didn't reach all of my goals. I did get to the important ones. Until later, have a nice day -- Clark Stone

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