Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goals and Accomplishments 100221

Sunday, February 21

Instead of spending time on my blog schedule this weekend, I found myself working on my novel. Once I get into something, it is hard for me to change gears and work on something else. To do so will require me to set time limits on certain activities.

Yet this morning, I found myself thinking about what my blog schedule. On Sundays, I think I will report on what goals to complete for this week. I also may report on my successes for the week.

Now to my goals for this week:

  1. Seek out and visit five new blogs during the week
  2. Read five blogs every morning
  3. Leave a comment on at least two of those blogs per day
  4. Write 10000 words this week toward my fiction
  5. Edit 10+ scenes this week
  6. Write an article pertaining to data backups
  7. Review my web page for possible changes
  8. Build a basic 'links' page for my website

As for my accomplishments this week, my major accomplishment has been finishing up editing 36 scenes to my book. Now, I can start building on the story line. This is a major accomplishment in that it allowed me to refresh my memory on my story. I had to do this because I had stopped working on it this past summer.

Another achievement, I succeeded in my commit to doing exercises during breaks in writing. At the present time, I committed myself to doing two exercises (30 pushups and some martial arts leg blocks) in my exercise regimen. I will add two exercises to that list today (figure-4 leg stretches and curling dumbbells). I will blog on this subject later this week.

One final success, I designated Sunday as my Goals and Accomplishment day. Now, to figure out at least two more days. I guess this is another goal to shoot for this week.

Now tell me what are you planning on doing this week?

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  1. Hey "Clark", good idea to assign exercises to writing breaks. I'm committed to losing at least 50 pounds and have started walking and riding my bike but the weather is turning bad today so I think I'll follow your lead!
    I've posted my goals for the week on my blog and the list is long but I'll manage if I bite off little chunks!

    Have a great day and hope to see you on the sprint side :)