Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Story - Nephew

Tuesday, February 16

Everyone has heard that life is usually stranger and funnier than fiction. Most of the entertaining stories I have heard have usually been based on a true story.

As a writer, I love to hear these stories because it gives me new fodder for my writing. This just re-enforces the saying that an author writes about what s/he knows. This usually involves the person’s life experiences, news stories, stories told by friends or family.

In today’s blog, I wish to recount a story told to me by a nephew. It is not very long story but I thought it was hilarious. This will eventually make its way into a future short story or novel.

As the story goes (as I recall it), my nephew said that he and his little brother had gone to visit an aunt that lived around the corner from his grandmother’s house. They found that the aunt was not home but they had decided to stick around for a short period.

While they are waiting, the phone rang. My nephew picked up the phone and it turned out to be a salesperson. When the salesperson asked for his aunt, he told her that she was not there. When asked what time she would return, he responded by telling her that he did not know when she would come home.

Now, his sarcasm came out. My nephew proceeded to tell the salesperson that he did not know the woman whom she was talking about because he was a burglar. Then he promptly apologized for having to hang up the phone. He had to collect the television and stereo system before the police arrived and hung up the phone.

According to my nephew, he did not think about the call again, but they got tired of waiting on his aunt and they left. They walked through her back yard over to a neighbor’s house to play with a friend. Soon the police showed up and they just watched what went on from the other side of the fence.

So happens, his aunt came home while the police was there. He said that he did not want to go back over there so he went back to his grandmother’s house. As far as he knows, his aunt never did find out who triggered her interrogation with the police. All this because he was sarcastic to a salesperson on the telephone.

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