Saturday, February 27, 2010


Saturday, February 27

Last Sunday I mentioned that I would discuss my exercise plan. I am glad that I looked over last Sunday’s blog because I had forgotten about this.

So far, I have managed to keep on schedule except for one day (yesterday). I know it is too soon to expect results but I do feel better. My legs are looking better.

Now, to describe my exercises, I think everyone knows what a pushup is. Me, I have to do them from my knees instead of my toes. Yes, that may be cheating but at my weight, I am unable to do more than three from my toes before my left arm gives out. Doing them with my knees touching the ground is not easy.

Now, the leg exercises I do are essentially what we call leg or thigh blocks. I do 20 of these (ten each leg) in each set. I try to do at least one set a day but will increase that to three to four sets a day. The best description of the leg block is that one brings the leg up to the front until the knee is even with the hip. This exercise involves me executing the leg block and putting it back down in quick succession. It looks and feels like I am over-exaggerating the process of stomping grapes.

I do four sets of figure-4 leg stretches. This stretches my leg muscles as well as my lower back muscles. My legs do feel so much better afterward.

With the dumbbell curls, I do ten reps on each arm with a 5-pound dumbbell. If I do them fast, I can get 25 reps in without stopping. I’ve heard if you execute them slow taking 2 to 3 second to pull it up and the same going down, you build muscle faster. I do not know if this is true but I find it a challenge.

Like I said earlier, I’ve met my goal for exercising this week. I have not decided what I will add to my routine tomorrow. For now, I think it is time for me to post this, and get off my duff to exercise.

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