Sunday, February 7, 2010

Editing Fun?

Sunday, February 7

To this writer, fun is when I realize that I do not make many changes while editing my novel. (in other words, it was already perfect. BG). Though I am nowhere near finishing the novel, I decided that I needed to get reacquainted with it since I put it down for about 6 months.

Then came yesterday. After zipping through five scenes, I hit a big ravenous ravine of a problem when I started the sixth scene. I found a passage in my book that conflicted with a later passage. Conflicted may be too tame of word. Contradicted does fit though. With no way of making either one match the other, I have no choice but to eliminate one of them.

That is my major problem. I like both scenes of the book and I do not know which one I want to keep. Tried flipping a coin but the thing bounces and rolls between the stove and refrigerator. (small gap exists between the two). Attempting to get the quarter out with a broom handle, it slides under the refrigerator. Now, I still do not know which one to choose and it cost me a quarter.

Note: The last three lines are a work of fiction. I don’t think I could resolve that problem that easily. Nor would I allow that quarter to stay hidden under the refrigerator. Had that happen once and managed to get it out using a clothes hangar. A quarter is a quarter.

Now, back to my dilemma. I thought on it all night and may have come to a conclusion. In a way, I will sacrifice a scene or two but it is for the betterment of my book. It increases the external conflict between the protagonist and antagonist. It actually caused the antagonist a bit of trouble. He was forced to look for a way to save his life.

It will involve having the observer of an assassination believe that an assassination occurred as planned. The event will be staged for this creature’s benefit. Thus giving the antagonist’s henchmen the wrong information. This leads up to him finding himself surrounded by enemy troops.

Now, it is fun again.

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  1. Good for you! Don't you just love it when the people in your head cooperate?