Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dentist Visit

Thursday, February 4

Yesterday, I came close to making a bonehead move. On Tuesday, I called my dentist office to make an appointment to have my teeth cleaned. One day last week, I felt something foreign in my mouth. Thus I wanted to make sure I did not crack a filling or tooth. The dentist had an opening for Wednesday morning at 8:00.

The bonehead move - I did not remember this appointment until 7:51 a.m. Getting up was not the problem, because I normally get up at 6:00 every morning. I had focused my attention on my email program as well as reading a few interesting blogs.

Yet, in the back of my mind, this little voice kept calling out. By the time I finally heard this voice, I knew I was going to be late. I called the dentist office and then went in.

Then I thought of how could I use this for one of my stories. What about a character that has to leave notes to himself/herself in order to remember what they are supposed to do. Or, he/she can be easily distracted from their task thus he/she forgets something important that can get him/her in trouble.

Then while sitting in the dentist’s chair waiting for the local anesthesia to kick in (she found a small cavity), I wondered if I could use a dentist on my alien space station story. When many different races and species mingle, would one dentist be knowledgeable enough to handle them all. The dentist may have to handle all types and shapes of teeth - human, fanged, etc. Another thing to think about is what the dentist can do to one character may be deadly to another character of another race or species.

This idea intrigues me in that I know a few people who are afraid of dentists. A friend of mine has to take anti-anxiety medications before going to get his teeth worked on or he would freak out.

In this particular story, I needed to flesh out more detail of my main character. He would not have a second thought about taking on a band of armed bandits or several assault ships. Yet, when it comes to getting his teeth worked on, his doctor friend has to slip him a Mickey Finn to knock him out in order to get him into the dentist chair to fix a tooth or do dental work.

That is my take on this subject. Do you have any ideas that you wish to share?

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