Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cutting up the Newspaper

Saturday, February 6

On most mornings when I get up, I normally go through the previous day’s newspapers. This morning, I went through the newspapers for the last two days. Since on most days we get two newspapers, I had four papers to peruse.

“Two papers a day?” you say. Yes, on most days, I get two papers a day. One, a local paper that is published five times a week and covers local news and events. The other, a regional newspaper that is published daily and covers more regional, state and national news. It also has a bigger comics section.

The reason I wait to read the paper is so that my mom can read them first. You see, I have this bad habit of destroying the papers as I read them. This does not bode well with others in the household who wish to read the paper.

Question: why do I destroy the paper? The smart aleck in me wants to say, “Because I want too. Nnaa.” (Big Grin) Actually, the answer is simple. When I find an article that catches my interest, I cut it out. At times, story ideas will jump to mind when I see a headline or article title. Sometimes the titles are humorous.

Today, a story in the Natchitoches Times caught my eye. It pertained to rose gardening. Out of The Times, which is out of Shreveport, La., I found something in the Local/State section labeled “Blotter.” It contained five news stories involving the police/sheriff office. Not all of it was about criminal activity.

The article that caught my eye was “Authorities search for loose horse owner.” This makes me wonder if they searched for the horse owner who had gotten loose or if they searched for the owner of a loose horse. The story showed that it was the latter. But the unusual wording caught my eye. Also, I could use the other articles to spur on a story at a later date.

So, today, four more papers bit the dust. They will eventually be rolled up into paper logs and burnt in the wood burning stove. Now, I need to catalog the articles and stick them in the appropriate file folder.

The newspaper is just one source I use to find my ideas. I plan to describe other methods I use in future blogs. They include magazine articles, local and national TV news, the Internet, etc. What do you think? Do you collect newspaper articles?

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  1. Hey Dennis! LOL, you would be persona non grata here too if you got to the paper first!

    I don't clip articles but I too love to peruse several papers and search for the unusual. Must be something in the writer's soul!