Saturday, January 2, 2010


Saturday, January 2

It is this time of the year that everyone makes resolutions that they end up breaking. Some of these I have made last year and even the year before. This year I have things in place that I hope will force me to complete these particular goals.

1. The first on my list has already been started. Whether or not I complete it I do not know. My first goal is to start and maintain this blog. I hope to post on it at least five times a week if not the full seven days a week.

2. The second on my list will be that I will lose 50 pounds this year. I plan to lose 15 pounds by March or April of this year. For this, I plan to increase my workout in my martial arts.

3. The third on my list is connected to my second one. I plan to ride my exercise bicycle for a total of 1800 miles over the next year. I know this activity makes my legs feel so much better. The 1800 miles is 300 days at 6 miles a day.

4. The fourth item on my list is my web page. I have a few pages left that I need to complete. I also need to make sure I am diligent in keeping it updated.

5. The fifth item on my list pertains to my martial arts. I plan to be able to perform to music the Kata in my karate system named Warriors. The last time I performed this Kata was back in 1987. I wish to honor the masters of my system of martial arts.

6. The sixth item pertains to my Usscan’s Observations project. Part one of this resolution will be to write 26 shorts stories for this project over the next year and post it on my web site. Part two of this resolution is to write at least three post entries a week for my Narval’s Folly blog. I hope to restart this project by the middle of January.

7. The seventh item pertains to my writing projects besides the above resolution. I currently have three projects on the table. I hope to complete my first novel by March 1. I wish to complete my second novel by September and my science fiction short story series - 60 stories - by December.

These are my resolutions this year. I hope to be able to tell you in the future that I succeeded in my accomplishments.

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