Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cold Weather - Brrrr

Sunday, January 17

Today, I wish to discuss weather. Let me start off in saying that I usually consider anything below 50 degrees as being too cold for me. That being said, I can handle the temperatures of the 30- to 40-degree range. We in Louisiana can say that most of the time that I do not have to worry about super low temperatures. Though there are times we do get nighttime temperatures in the upper 20s.

The last couple of weeks, we found ourselves in a deep freeze. Most of the time, our night time temperature dropped into the mid- to upper-teens to low twenties. With the high temperatures during the day reaching the mid-30s to low-40s, I began to wonder about this global warming crap. If they call this warm, I do not want to visit their deep freeze.

The last time I remember the temperature staying at freezing or below for more than 36 to 42 hours was around 1983. We also experienced over a week of nighttime lows of 15- to 22-degree weather.

For instance, the temperature yesterday morning was unusual in that the temperature did not get nowhere near freezing for a low. It got down to 44 degrees. Now, it was wet when I got up. I remember waking to rain hitting the tin roof over our trailer. We got rain for most of the day. Clouds covered the sky and made it seem gloomy, but it felt so much warmer.

Even though we have had sleet and freezing rain in the past, so far we have been lucky this year in that we have missed the freezing precipitations . Yet, we still have a month or so of winter yet so we still have a chance to see it. Yes, we did see some snow but it did not stick.

Currently, my area of Louisiana is expecting moderate temperature. The daytime is going to warmer that the mid-40s during this next week.

My sensitivity to cold weather is a bit high. Until this cold snap, I had thought about changing my mantra to anything below 60 degrees would be too cold. But I think I will keep it at 50 degrees for now.

I know some people like cold weather and others who prefer warm weather. How do you feel about cold weather?

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