Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Book Progress - Part 1

Tuesday, January 19

Well, I finally forced myself to restart work on my last project. It is a Sci-Fi novel I started back in 2001. In my mind, I have to complete this book before I can work on any of the other seven book ideas and two short story series. The last time I worked on it was back in November.

The problem with setting down a book for so long is that one needs to relearn some of the specifics pertaining to the book. I have no problems remembering the major characters or some of the events. It is remembering the names of the minor characters, of the villages or locations, or of the items appearing in my book.

Now, I will have to go through and relearn the intricacies of my story. In the process of looking over my book files, I found several files that are no longer useful. Yet, I also found several files that carried book information I could use. In the past, I created a file that I call my Master Series Encyclopedia or MSE. My goal is to pull the book information from these files, organize it, and place it in my MSE.

This brings up a new problem. If I start to organize this material, I can find myself spending too much time world building and not enough time writing. The only solution I have for this is to work 30 minutes to an hour every day on my Master Series Encyclopedia. Then I can spend the remainder of my writing time on my book.

Now, I have gotten a good start. I just need to keep putting my butt in the chair and running my fingers over the keyboard. I am excited to get back to my current book project. Though, I do have a few other projects I wish to work on as well. This one has a deadline of March 4. At that time, I may be able to present a description of the book to an editor or agent at a conference I will be attending.

I wrote about 1500 words yesterday. My goal today is to double that. This is a doable goal because I have accomplished it before.

What do you wish to accomplish during your day? Write it down and have fun doing it. I plan on doing so.

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