Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best Made Plans

Thursday, January 28

Hello everyone. Sorry for the silence over the last few days. You know that the best made plans can get sidetracked when you least expect it.

My goals for the week managed to get pushed aside. With visitors coming, the folks in my household has gone into full cleaning mode. I made the mistake of looking into some file boxes that I had stored some old newspaper into.

The plan was for me to look at these papers and cut out any article that may inspire a story or a scene within a story. The problem came when I found more paper than I had anticipated.

Now, here I am making a mess when I should be cleaning up. I made headway on clearing out much of that newspaper. Most of it has already been converted into paper logs for our wood-burning stove. Yet, I was unable to get through all of that paper and still manage to clean up afterward.

My solution: to put the paper in a book bag. While I ride my exercycle (what I like to call my exercise bike), I would look through the papers for those elusive articles. I kill time by keeping my mind busy and I get rid of more paper.

Oh, did I tell you that I also collect the page that contains the comics. I have ten years worth in various places in my house. I managed to put many of the comics I had not stored into one of those file boxes. Now, I need to go through and organize them by date.

In the process, I found a couple of books that I no longer use. Actually, I never did use them very much. One is a New York Times book on crossword puzzle words and the other was a paperback dictionary that I had gotten for my nephew. I plan to give them to my writer’s group so that they can put them in conference baskets for the NOLA STARs Written in the Stars Conference.

Several items found their way to the local Dumpsters. I have this bad habit of keeping certain electronic items. Well, I may need them again someday. Then I remembered that one of them no longer worked and I could not keep the other on my head.

Next, I found myself going through newspapers and articles I had in a box under my table. You see, I work with my computer at the kitchen table. I use this box as a temporary storage to hold stuff temporarily. When I finish with something, I file it away or store it somewhere else.

I had too much material in there that I needed to store somewhere else. Thus, this added to my chaos. Before I knew it, I had newspapers on the floor next to me, on the chairs to the right and left of me, on the table in four places and across my right knee.

For anyone who comes into the kitchen, they surely thought they may have stumbled into a war zone. I managed to get the papers separated into their prospective sections: news articles with other news articles, sports sections with sports section, comics with comics, etc.

By the time I finished up with that, I found myself able to put some of the material away. Yet, I have a four-inch stack of newspaper pages that I need to go through. These, I placed in the file box under my table so I can easily get to it. Again, I will do a few pages a day until I get them all done.

The sports pages ended up being placed in another storage spot out of the way. I plan to use them for another project.

As you can see, I got sidetracked from my original goals. I can see a lesson in this distraction that can be used in my writing. Characters can be distracted from their original goals as well. Now, I hope to keep up as best I can from now on.

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  1. I feel your pain. I've collected an unspeakable pile of magazines that I need to purge and books I long to read. And let's not get started on the various versions of my WIP's with critique comments and revision notes. I'm totally impressed by your dedication and determination to do the job right! Well done!